ABC’s’ Mission is to lead transformational change and secure accountability in education policies, systems and affiliates across Ontario in service to Black students, community, staff and administrators. As critical managers in education, Black administrators must be on the front lines of advocacy to dismantle, empower and liberate educational spaces. 

  • Dismantle systemic and institutionalized anti-Black racism and oppression through transformational policy and structural change;
  • Empower Black principals and vice-principals to create and innovate learning spaces using critical anti-racism and anti-oppression frameworks for teaching and learning without hindrance;
  • Liberate the critical consciousness of Black principals and vice principals to lead freely and authentically, having their full identities valued, affirmed and respected.

In pursuit of this mission, ABC is committed to on-going self-reflection to hold ourselves accountable and responsive to the evolving needs of all Black stakeholders through continual review and revisioning of our Actionable Goals.