Actionable Goals

  1. Challenge the fallacy of colour-blindness and race neutrality, and foster critical consciousness in education through the analyses of written and unwritten policies, practices, rules, procedures and guidelines that uphold anti-Black racism and oppression in Ontario schools and school systems.
  2. Create collaborative networks of Black administrators across Ontario building a community of leaders centered in our knowledge and diverse ways of leading and learning.
  3. Forge open, authentic partnerships with individuals and Black Community organizations through genuine dialogue to learn from, and support one another.
  4. Establish reciprocal, viable and collaborative partnerships with key education affiliates to ensure Black representation and the highest standards of professionalism and accountability in service to Black students, community, staff and administrators.
  5. Encourage the aspirations of Black educators through mentorship, sponsorship and professional learning opportunities that support promotion and placement into leadership roles within school districts and the education sector in Ontario.